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About Us

PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama is a multidisciplinary engineering company. It’s range of services encompasses projects in the oil and gas industry at both onshore and offshore (fixed or floating) locations.

The capabilities range from feasibility studies is including project management, engineering and design, procurement, construction and commissioning activities.

Further, PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama has the capacity to undertake specific phases of a project, either as a main contractor or as a subcontractor.

The company is founded as an independent consultant for services in this special market.
PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama provides advice, process know-how, procurement services and project management for national and international clients.

Services are provided to both oil & gas and construction companies.

Key Activities:
1. Conceptual Study, Engineering Design and FEED
2. Risk Assessment
3. Pipeline (Onshore & Offshore) Detailed Engineering
4. PIMS (Pipeline Integrity Management System)

BiRU is Jakarta-based and employs highly efficient and dedicated engineers. All of which have great under-graduate and post-graduate backgrounds from reputable universities. In BiRU, we emphasize on quality and client satisfaction.

PT BiRU is managed by people with good interpersonal base and highly dedicated. Our products are related with detail design, engineering design, re-qualification, risk assessment, feasibility study, conceptual study and other engineering services, especially related to onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

PT BiRU’s partners consists of national and local government agencies, national and local government owned corporation (Badan Usaha Milik Negara; BUMN and Badan Usaha Milik Daerah; BUMD), national and multinational private corporation, individual and other organization.

Our VISION and MISSION leads us to go ahead.

PT BiRU’s have routine activities:



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