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Expertise Provider

PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama provide Oil, Gas and Energy Expertise. Oil and gas is our core sector.
With an industry-wide skill shortage, our oil and gas clients are always on the lookout for the best talent. So, whether you’re looking for permanent or contract roles, we’re confident that we can help you. Our consultants are experts at finding you the right work, no matter where you are in the world, so please browse our current opportunities to find your perfect job.

With an ageing population and an increasing demand for oil and gas, a skills shortage in the oil and gas industry has appeared. We recognise that finding the right people in the oil and gas sector is a challenge and we aim to meet it head-on by offering a range of individuals with the technical and commercial skills to meet demand in established and emerging gas and oil regions.

From upstream exploration and production and midstream processing and transport through to downstream refining, marketing and trading, we works with specialists including EPC’s, operators, consultants, manufacturers and service providers to meet the needs of the oil and gas sector.

PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama has the capacity to supply the right teams and individuals to carry out the following functions and job types required by the oil and gas sector:

• Exploration and geosciences
• Field development
• Off-shore platform facilities
• Sub-sea facilities
• Floating production facilities
• Onshore gas and oil processing
• Compression
• Refineries
• LPG and petrochemicals plants

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