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Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)

PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama is a Pipeline Integrity Management Services.
We has been an active participant in all phases of pipeline Integrity services including pipeline design, installation,
operation, and maintenance as well as assessment studies of pipelines failures and ruptures, and preparation of forensic data and documentation.

Our pipeline integrity management projects have spanned international borders, onshore and offshore Liquid and Gas lines, and Gas Distribution lines. These include:

Integrity Solutions

Pipeline Integrity Management Systems (PIMS) Procedures
Fitness-for-Service (FFS Documents required for Statutory Approvals
Verification (Design, MAOP, RUL and Corrosion Rate)
Stability Assessment (Pipeline Span and On-Bottom Stability)
External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) PSM and HAZOP
Direct Assessment (ICDA) Technical Audits
Stress Corrosion Cracking Assessment (SCCDA) Internal Corrosion
Confirmatory Direct Assessment Program Welding Procedures
ILI -Interpretation Aging Infrastructures Upkeep
Remediation Program Software & Data Management
Regulatory Compliance Services (49 CFR DOT 192 and DOT 195)

Risk and Corrosion Management

Risk Based Inspections (RBI)
Buried Pipeline Integrity Assessment Corrosion Mitigation
High Consequent Area Risk Assessment Inspections (CIS, DCVG, PCM and NDE)
Threat Identification and Risk Analysis Maintenance Methodologies
Damage Assessment Corrosion Inhibitors
Cathodic Protection    
Materials Testing (Soil Resistivity, Coating, Mechanical and Metallurgical)

Forensic Engineering

Failure/Rupture Analysis Experts Fire Damage Assessments
Failure Root Cause Analysis Litigation Support and Expert Testimony
Gas Migration Expertise Analysis and Modeling
Explosion Investigations  
Regulatory Compliance Services (49 CFR DOT 192 and DOT 195)

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