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Pre FEED / Field Development Planning

PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama is a one of the best leader in field development planning; unmatched by our competitors either in terms of the techniques and processes employed or in terms of our experience. PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama's approach is designed to both supplement and compliment the knowledge and drivers of our Clients.  Our expertise serves to effectively identify, define and select the optimum business solution for a development whilst using an approach that aligns with Operator Governance processes. 

There are many elements that differentiate our service from others, but some key areas include:

PT. Bina Rekacipta Utama understands the importance of the reservoir facilities interface and as such we work closely with operator subsurface (and drilling) engineers during the early phases of a project: we understand the strengths and weaknesses of integrated production modelling and can help tune such models to better reflect the surface facilities constraints; importantly, our approach to option definition recognises that different solutions will deliver different value (recovery); we work with the Operator to determine the maximum value solution and do not simply focus on identifying the minimum cost solution.

Optimum derivation and assessment of development options is supported by the comprehensive knowledge base that we bring to bear.  Quite simply our full spectrum engineering skills coupled with our complete cradle to grave expertise, allows us to fully understand the value, merits / demerits and technical feasibility of every option under consideration.
Whether it is a subsea, surface or onshore based development time and again our deeper understanding of the entire life cycle of an asset allows our teams to help the Operator maximise the value of front end thinking rather than simply achieving “front end loading”.

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